EKA & EuroKids is very proud of the models. actors and extras that have taken the first steps to stardom with us!

Here is a selection of our current stars and some of the amazing work they do.  If you know anybody on our books and would like to nominate them as one of "Our Celebs" just let us know, they may end up with a special mention on this page too..........

Rebecca Mellor

The Lowry Outlet, The Galleries, The Biggest Loser TVC, Gellert, B&M, Redrowe Homes, Inside Spa, Findel Education,

Rebecca has been with EKA since 2008 and has been a popular model from day 1!!  Rebecca has done various assignments with the agency including modelling assignments, Television, Commercial & Promotions.

Here are some examples of Rebecca's fab work!!

Eva Connor

Studio 24, Profile Education, Twirly Woos TVC, Aldi, Cousins TVC....

Eva has been with the Eurokids since 2013!!! Eva has taken part in lots of modelling campaigns and even features as the main role in the Cousins TVC & Campaign!!!

Corey Kershaw

Studio Catalogue, Barclaycard TVC, Roco Clothing, Sofology, Ratburger....

Corey has been on fire recently!! Corey has been with Eurokids since 2015 and continues to be booked on a regular basis he has got a range of experience under his belt, working on TV commercials for Barclaycard, Roco Clothing and Sofology! 

Brandon McCorkindale

Aldi, Express Gifts, King cole, Liverpool FC, Galt Toys, Jd Sports, Truetex and many more...

Brandon joined EuroKids in 2011 and he has been a very popular model since! He has worked for a range of clients including Aldi, Express Gifts, King Cole, Liverpool FC and Findel Education!

Luis James-Farouk

JD Sports, Liverpool FC

Luis has been with EuroKids since 2011 and he has been a regular model for JD Sports on many of their latest campaigns!  Luis has also been a photographic model for Littlewoods, ALDI, Trutex, Express Gifts, Kit Bag, Liverpool FC and many more...

Tom Finnan

Mersey Ferries, Spaceport, The Five, InjuryLawyers4U, The Last Tango In Halifax and many more...

Tom joined EKA in 2014 and since then he has worked on many TV productions including Cucumber, Banana, All At Sea, The Last Tango In Halifax, The Boy With A Thorn In His Side and The Five. Tom has also worked with many of our photographic clients including King Cole, Mersey Ferries and Spaceport!

Wade Eden Crehan

Express Gifts, Aldi, Liverpool FC, Tesco, Sky Sports and many more...

Wade joined EuroKids in 2011 and has built up a lot of modelling experience, working for a range of clients including Studio Catalogue, Aldi, Liverpool FC, Sky Sports, Findel Education, Galt Toys and Tesco!

George-christopher Brooks

John Lewis, Express Gifts, Trutex and JD williams

George-Christopher joined the agency in September 2014 and he has been a regular model for John Lewis since then! He has also been a photographic model for Express Gifts, Trutex and JD Williams!

Kaya Louise Stewart


Kaya joined EuroKids in May 2014 and then quickly gained the role of Sierra-Lee in Doctors in July 2014 and is still playing the part in 2017!!  Kaya loves filming and you can see her in Doctors on TV now!

Jessica Fay

Liverpool FC, The Trials Of Jimmy Rose, Tesco King Cole, Findel Education, Tesco and many more...

Jessica joined EuroKids in 2009 and has been a very popular model since then! She has worked for many photographic clients including Studio Catalogue, Liverpool FC, Tesco, King Cole, Findel Education as well as filming for The Trials Of Jimmy Rose, Paranoid, Hat Hair & Snatch!

Mia Wharton, Hakeem Khan & Harriet Fell


Mia Wharton, Hakeem Khan & Harriet Fell are smashing it!! Working super hard for Boohoo.com Kids. 


Zennon Ditchett

Coronation Street

Zennon joined the Agency in 2005 and has played the character Aadi Alahan on Coronation Street since 2009.  Before landing this high profile role Zennon was a popular model and featured in several campaigns.  He has also attended our Drama Workshop!

Tanisha Gorey

Coronation Street

Tanisha joined the Agency in 2009 and promptly landed the prize role of Asha Alahan on Coronation Street.  Tanisha has also undertaken various modelling work for the Agency and has attended our Drama Workshop.

The Pilling Sisters

Hank Zipzer, Nightmare In Suburbia, Studio Catalogue, Tesco, boohoo.com, The Worst Witch and many more...

Sophie and Chloe joined EuroKids in 2012 and since then they have modelled for JD Sports, Findel Education, boohoo.com and Tesco and TV programmes Hank Zipzer and 4 O’Clock Club! Sophie has also featured on Nightmare In Suburbia & Chloe has featured on The Worst Witch!

The Stevens Family

JD Sports, Argos, Aldi, Studio Catalogue and more...

Rhys and Ashton Stevens joined EuroKids in 2013 followed by mum Carrie Ann in 2014. Between them they have worked on a range of jobs including TV programmes The Trials Of Jimmy Rose, The Boy With A Thorn In His Side, All At Sea and Scott & Bailey! 


Just a few Celebs who started their careers with EuroKids!

Over the past 20 years we have seen a lot of young EuroKids go onto to stardom!  Congratulations to them all and we are excited to follow their careers...

Michelle Keegan

Coronation Street

Michelle joined EKA in 2005. She gained many modelling and promotional jobs with EKA before landing the role of Tina McIntrye in Coronation Street. 

Emma Rigby


Emma was with EuroKids for many years and was a prominent member of EuroKids Drama Workshop.  During her years with EuroKids she was a popular model and appeared on numerous in-store posters for clients including Ethel Austin and Littlewoods.  She was also a popular EuroKids actress for television commercials and worked on Brookside as a EuroKid before going on play Hannah Ashworth in Hollyoaks!  Emma was always a joy to work with and it's no surprise she has gone onto to stardom! 

Lucien Laviscount

Coronation Street & Waterloo Road

Lucien was with EuroKids for many years working on television and a range of photographic campaigns before going on to star in Coronation Street, Waterloo Road, Celebrity Big Brother and more!